Materials Needed

Materials Needed:

Sewing Machine with denim needle and fabric scissors.  A seam ripper comes in handy, too.

Fabric (1/4 to 1 yard) – I used red denim purchased at Joann’s fabric for 50% off (reg. 9.99/yd)

Bias Tape – Double Fold Bias Tape Quilt Tape.  I purchased mine from which was much less expensive than Walmart and the fabric store, but took over a month to arrive after I ordered it.

Thread to match color of bias tape

Straps/ Poly-Pro Webbing – Poly, not cotton, works best because you can burn and melt the edges instead of it unraveling, which is what the cotton test straps did.  I purchased mine from  A 100 yard roll of 1″ regular poly-pro webbing was $46.00 but you can also buy this at fabric stores if you are making a smaller quantity.

Buckles – I used 1″ side release parachute buckles purchased from www.  You could use additional bias tape and make ties to secure the vest as a less expensive option.

16 Responses to “Materials Needed”

  1. one of your Sewing instruction photos is not loading properly. Awesome instructions and a product. What a wonderful donation to the rescue. 🙂

  2. What about velcro instead of buckles?

  3. Just wondering if the buckles were “adjustable”? Did they have extra “cinch” like buckles to tighten or loosen the straps for sizing? Thanks so much!

    • One side of the buckles that we used was static and not adjustable. The strapping was sewed onto this buckle. The other side of the buckle was definitely adjustable. The strapping was burnt at the end to keep it from fraying and then it weaved through and back out of the buckle…. yes, just like an adjustable sizing buckle on ski bibs and such. Hope that helps. There are lots of ways to attach (velcro has its pro’s and con’s) … the way we did it is time consuming but a long lasting option.

    • yes – the buckles were adjustable on one side. One side was static and one could slide to adjust.

  4. How much bias tape did you use for each vest? I am trying to figure out the demensions to properly order the correct amount of bias tape but I am having some issues! Thanks!

  5. What about using Heavy elastic, washable and self adjusting

  6. How did you attach the buckles to the vests? It doesn’t look like the stitching shows on the top side of the vest.

    • We threaded the canvas strapping through the buckle and then sewed it on one side of the buckle. The other side threads through and is adjustable so no sewing between the buckle and the body of the vest.

  7. What a

  8. What about using Velcro so it is quick off and on and easier to adjust?

    • This would work but we thought perhaps over time there would be matted dog hair and the Velcro would quit working…. heavy duty Velcro would probably last a LONG time though so worth a try!

  9. If anyone is struggling with the wide bias tape lying flat, I found it MUCH easier to use a narrower double fold tape.

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