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My name is Micaela and I am a Senior in high school. This website is completely filled with information about my project and how you can do it in your home, too.  I created 110 vests for my community in order to complete my Girl Scout Gold Award

Just click on the page links to the right for information on what materials you need and how to sew the vests.

sumpter black dog

tex and lucky in hood river

Aren’t these models super cute?

50 Responses to “Welcome to My Website!”

  1. hi i am from nw start dog rescue i am wondering if you can makw us some of these vests we are in canada we are very small rescue and cant really afford the vests but we need them despritely since we have events coming up would you be able to make us some?

  2. I can’t sew them for you, so that is why I created this site. Good luck with your project – let me know if you have any questions. Keep up the good work!

  3. What a fantastic cause, and the vests are adorable!

  4. This is such a great idea! This is perfect for taking a dog in need of adoption to a local dog park–easy to see the dog needs adopted amidst an audience of dog owners who might have their heart strings tugged! GREAT IDEA!

  5. Love the vests darling!!! 🙂

  6. Micaela, you are awesome! What a wonderful project. Thanks much for doing this.

  7. Good Job Micaela!

  8. Micaela, great website and super cause. You Schmitt’s are really going to save the world. Each of you makes it a better place everyday!

  9. Micaela, this endevor does not surprise me. You are such a deep and caring person. Your (and now mine) family are blessed with having you in our life.

  10. This is a great resource for shelters everywhere. What a great idea!

  11. What a great job on a great project. I’ll bet that when a dog wears one of your vests their chances of being adopted goes way up. I am going to send this to my aunt in Illinois who was a girl scout and now works with a Golden Retriever rescue group.

  12. Great project Micaela. We really appreciate your support of animal welfare organizations, your passion for the cause and your work in the community. This website is also a great idea to help extend your reach. Way to go.

  13. What an awesome idea. I’ve seen several of these on dogs at big outdoor events in Austin and now I know who created them!

  14. What a great project. You have created a way to really let people know what pets are available and how important it is to adopt. Great idea!!!

  15. Micaela: You have shown how one person can make a positive differnce and impact in their community… Congratulations!

  16. Great job, Micaela! I’ve always been impressed with how dedicated you are to animal welfare.

  17. What a great idea. I love these vests, Think I’ll go make one. Thanks

  18. Nice work Micaela!

  19. What a wonderful idea!!! It’s easy to see that you spent a lot of time working on this project, and working through each step so thoughtfully. I can easily see this being a fantastic resource for any rescue group in that it would so clearly get the word out that the wonderful dog that they see before then is available! What a great way to make a difference!

  20. Wonderful project! What a nice idea! Very creative.

  21. Micaela, you did a great job creating these vests for such a great cause! Best of luck with your project!

  22. These are fantastic! Great job!

  23. Great job! Your vest “models” are absolutely adorable.

  24. I know how hard you have worked on this project. It was not an easy one to accomplish. Congratulations on a job well done.

  25. Congratulations on this great project! The vests turned out great.

  26. What a wonderful job on a fantastic project!!

  27. I am in NM can you make me a few of these vests to help to get my pit bull rescue dogs adopted

  28. do you sell these vests? i don’t want to make them!!

  29. Thanks for creating the pattern and instructions. I took the picture of your pattern and redrew it in a drawing program (Illustrator) and saved as a PDF. This way I can take it to a large format printer and print out the pattern. I uploaded the pattern files on my web site and anyone is free to download. For the Medium pattern, go to: http://www.marymcgivern.com/vestpattern/Adopt-Me_Vest_Medium.pdf

    for the large pattern, go to: http://www.marymcgivern.com/vestpattern/Adopt-Me_Vest_Large.pdf

    I am going to try making the letters with the iron-on transfer paper that you can use from your printer. If you want to do this, just make sure you don’t want to print white letters…there is no white ink. I am choosing a light, bright fabric that will work with darker letters.

    • Thanks for y our help! This is a gret project to anyone, let along a young person! I will be sure to share!

  30. Wow..this is a life saver. I’m the Volunteer Coordinator for a local no-kill shelter and we have been wanting these but cannot afford the $25 they cost… Mary thanks so much for patterns!

  31. This is amazing!!! Great job! I am going to make some vests for doggies at the local SPCA where I volunteer. Thanks!!!

  32. As a leader of two Girl Scout troops…. I am so impressed with you.
    WTG !
    Your parents,leaders and community must be so proud of you.

    You are what Girl Scouts was meant to be… empowerment, acomlishment.
    Jill Pudwell

  33. I work at an animal shelter and many dogs do not show well in a kennel and act protective or bark and no one wants to meet them. The most attention they get is when they are out and about with a volunteer. Adoption vests save lives and get frightened dogs forever homes. This is really, really awesome for someone such as myself who never again wants to kiss a dog goodbye because of the behaviors created by the kennel, or time, or space, or budget. This is also an awesome opportunity for volunteers to help from home. Very proud there are young people like you who care and are creative. I will pass this along and you will be part of a big coalition of saving animals. The dogs at my shelter thank you!!

  34. I think what your doing is awesome thanks for sharing your pattern..

  35. Thank you, Micaela, for posting this inspiring project and helping animals. Bravo! I sew and donate items to our local humane society and I designed a 3-panel dog adoption vest which is very cool and comfortable for the dogs. (It gets very warm and muggy here in Hawaii.) It’s an easy-sew project. I’ve put it in PDF pattern form on Etsy. My shop is called HIPam in case any person or shelters may be interested. Thanks for all you’ve done for the animals! 🙂

  36. You are so amazing! I want to make vests for my foster dogs so when I take them places, people know they are available for adoption. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…. for doing such an amazing project and for sharing the instructions so others can make them.

  37. I needed to thank you for this wonderful read!
    ! I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. I have got you
    saved as a favorite to check out new stuff you post…

  38. Great Project! Thanks so much for caring for shelter animals. I donate as much as possible and try to help get dogs and cats adopted via faccebook. I ws going to make some outfits to sell and donate the money to the shelter but I think your idea is even better! It is nice to see a young woman with such ambition. Keep up the good work!

  39. BEAUTIFUL VESTS!!! I do dog rescue in Florida and was looking to buy now you have inspire me to make them ourselves . God Bless you!!!

  40. I love the vests … Where can i get the pattern?

    • There is a drawing on the website that shows the pattern on a grid of 1″ squares to help you create your own pattern…. you just kind of have to play with it.

  41. I’ve been researching for patterns to make some of these for my rescue’s dogs. Hearts and Hounds Rescue is a small, relatively new rescue in NW Indiana. We pull hounds from kill shelters, vet them, and find them loving homes. I often take one or two of the rescue’s dogs on long walks in our neighborhood, on hiking trails, and just for outings at PetSmart, etc., and these would really help get the dogs more attention (and hopefully homes).

  42. My daughter is 10 and just became a Junior — this is a great website (as others have said – your instructions are phenomenal. I hope that you have/are finishing college successfully and congratulations on achieving your Gold Award. You have definitely helped my daughter (and I am sure many other Girl Scouts) to see what a successful woman planned and achieved with her Gold Award! Thank you!

  43. Very interested in making them for CAWS in different sizes. Just what I need!

  44. Michaela, these are wonderful! Congrats on the children and hubby, and thank you for keeping this live: I just saw it and it’s perfect for our local shelter needs. Well done, young lady ❤

  45. I was wondering where you purchase the white lettering for the sign that says a.me to put on the back with the pop prints is there a site that I can go to to purchase that

    • We did a large quantity so we actually paid to have them professionally screen printed. Families and individuals sponsored the vests in honor of their pets past and present and we used that money to pay for the screen printing.

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